Basement Waterproofing Adds Value to a Home

In this buyers’ market, homeowners must do everything they can to ensure their home is at least as good the others on the market. Shoppers don’t have to accept homes with imperfections, and they typically won’t even bother negotiating the price when the house has a potentially serious issue like a leaking basement. Although there are a lot of minor repairs and improvements a homeowner can make on their own before they put their house on the market, Basement Waterproofing is something that should be left to the professionals.

A leak in the basement could be a sign of a problem with the foundation. While this can sometimes be a minor issue that can be repaired for a few hundred dollars, a buyer is likely going to see it as a deal breaker. Repairing the problem and presenting potential buyers with a clean, dry basement and a warranty for the work will often result in a faster and more profitable real estate transaction. In some cases, the issue is more serious, and failing to fix the issue or inform a potential buyer could result in legal trouble for a homeowner.

A wet basement is unattractive to buyers for a number of reasons. The wetness is likely to lead to mildew and mold that is unhealthy for the family. It might make a large portion of the house unusable. What could be a finished space for a family room or extra bedroom stays an empty space that can’t even be used for storage due to the potential for flooding. Instead of avoiding the problem, a homeowner that eventually hopes to sell their home should get in touch with a basement waterproofing company as soon as they notice a crack in the basement wall.

An experienced basement waterproofing contractor will go to the home to evaluate the problem and give the homeowner an estimate for repairs. If the family plans to put their house on the market soon, speaking with a real estate agent about the value of the home with and without the work done can ensure they get a good value for their investment in repairs. Fixing a long-term problem might help a homeowner fall in love with their house again and decide they’d actually like to stay there. With more livable space and the opportunity to add a recreation room or a private bedroom for an older child, a home the family thought was too small might be just the right size.

Basement Waterproofing Service Areas in PA (Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County) and NJ (Mercer County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, Camden County)

Paradigm Home Solutions is a basement waterproofing company/contractor offering basement waterproofing services in the tri-state area, including Bucks County, Montgomery County, Mercer County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, Camden County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia County


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