A wet basement presents a serious problem when a homeowner plans to sell a house. Although the family may have been able to deal with a little dampness, buyers have more options and will not tolerate it without some serious concessions. There is a very effective way to handle this problem that could actually help a seller make more money from the sale of their house instead of giving up their profit in exchange for the buyer making the repairs. The first step is to get some estimates from more than one basement waterproofing company.

A homeowner should evaluate more than the price of the repairs. The lowest bidder doesn’t always offer the best deal. When it comes to repairing a leaking basement, the warranty may be the most important factor in deciding which company to choose. Of course, it’s important to check references to ensure the contractor has the skill needed to get the job done right and can get the issue resolved before the home goes on the market. With a solid warranty that can be transferred to the new owner, a seller will have a valuable tool to not only help them sell their house faster but to ask for a higher selling price.

Buyers want to know the home they purchase is in great condition. They invest a lot in the down payment and other moving expenses so they don’t often have the money to pay for things like Basement Waterproofing soon after they relocate. By purchasing a home that has recently been waterproofed and includes a warranty, they will have peace of mind and even feel more comfortable using their new basement as a living area. With the extra space in the basement, the new owners may create a family room or even one or more bedrooms, without having to worry that a wet basement will ruin their carpet or other belongings.

Savvy homeowners sign a contract with a basement waterproofing contractor before they get in touch with a real estate agent. This ensures the work is completed before any potential buyers see the home. If buyers or their inspector detect a leak, they may assume there are other problems with the house and be reluctant to offer the asking price. To avoid that problem and make a profit on the sale, homeowners should make sure their basement is dry and under warranty early in the sales process. The new owner will certainly be grateful they did.


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