A wet basement can have a devastating effect on a home sale. Whether the walls leak only when there is a major storm or if they seem to get wet every time there’s a sprinkle of rain outside, it’s important to address the issue prior to putting the house on the market. Any experienced real estate agent will tell a seller how much less they can expect to get for their home if they don’t make the repairs. Buyers and their agents are going to demand a reduction of the sale price based on the leak if they notice it while touring the home.

Regardless of whether the leaking basement caused trouble for the homeowner, it’s essential to get this taken care of before potential buyers and their agents notice it. Homeowners often find the cost is very affordable compared to the concessions they would have to make if they neglected the basement walls. Additionally, the work the basement waterproofing contractor does will be covered by a warranty that can be transferred to the new owner. Given the choice of two equally desirable houses, buyers will be more likely to choose the one with the recent waterproofing work done. In many cases, this simple step helps owners sell their homes more quickly.

Imagine the disappointment of a homeowner the first time it rains after they move into a new home and the basement, filled with furniture because they are using it as a family room, starts to leak. Depending on how much rain gets into the house, some of their belongings might be ruined. If they recently moved into the house, they probably don’t have a lot of money to hire a contractor. They assumed the Basement Waterproofing was taken care of before the previous owner put the house up for sale. While this is one reason it’s important for buyers to purchase a home inspection, sellers have a duty to inform potential buyers of problems like this if they are aware of them.

Hiring a basement waterproofing company to assess and repair leaks is simply good business. Sellers shouldn’t attempt to cheat or trick buyers into purchasing a home that isn’t in great condition. A basement leak isn’t always a minor problem. It could be caused by an issue with the foundation. Therefore, it’s essential for the sellers to address the basement at the same time they are getting the carpets cleaned and adding a fresh coat of paint to the living space upstairs.


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