Basements can be far more than storage space for Christmas decorations or furniture waiting to be refinished. Families are always looking for ways to expand their living spaces, and basements offer a great way to gain living space without having to build an addition to the home. Media rooms, man caves, and even additional bedrooms can be carved out of the basement area already in a home. The one problem often facing homeowners is water. Even when a basement is only damp rather than truly wet, that dampness needs to be controlled to make the area useful. There are great reasons to deal with wet basements even if you don’t intend to finish the area immediately.

Water Leaks Damage the Foundation

Water is, arguably, a home’s worst enemy. While a minor leak may not appear to be particularly worrisome, even small amounts of water can, and will, cause significant damage if not properly dealt with. Basement Waterproofing eliminates those minor leaks and prevents new ones from forming. A wet basement is not welcoming, and investing in finishing materials without taking care of any water problems first is simply not worth the effort, as those materials will quickly show signs of water damage when leaks are not fixed properly first.

Mold is a Major Health Concern

A moldy basement isn’t healthy for anyone, especially family members who already are susceptible to respiratory issues. While most molds are not life threatening, some are, and it simply isn’t safe to allow mold to gain a foothold in your basement. Any mold remediation expert will be quick to suggest taking care of the moisture issues as a part of getting rid of existing mold in a leaking basement and preventing its returning. The first step in eliminating a leaky basement is contacting our team of experts for advice.

Basement Waterproofing is more than simply protecting your financial investment, it’s about making sure you and your family are safe. Of course, making sure your investment in that new media room is important, but eliminating the risk of mold-related illnesses is even more important. To learn more about the best strategies for Basement Waterproofing and the costs involved when improving your home’s living spaces, get in touch with our team today.

Basement Waterproofing Service Areas in PA (Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County) and NJ (Mercer County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, Camden County)

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